The District 30 Board of Education

Left to right, front row:  Board Secretary, Sam Friedman, Dr. Brian Wegley, President Chuck Gitles, Vice President Dr. Kenneth Spero.  Left to right, back row:  Ursula Sedlak, Nancy Artz, Fred Sloneker, Ihab Riad and Elizabeth Shabelman.

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected from the general public to serve the entire Northbrook / Glenview School District 30 Community.  The Board of Education provides the ultimate governance of the District by fulfilling its responsibilities to hire and evaluate a superintendent and establish budget, policies and goals that align with the District's strategic plan.  Board members participate in governance through regularly scheduled board and committee meetings, which are posted and open to the public.  

There are opportunities for public comment at each board meeting.  Meeting activities include the creation and approval of policies for the operation of the schools, employment of the staff, adopting and monitoring the annual budget, adopting the annual tax levy, discussing and authorizing curriculum development and otherwise supervising and directing the operation of the District.  Board members also represent the District in civic and other organizations throughout the District 30 community.