Board of Education Vice President Nancy Artz, President Ursula Sedlak, Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley, and member Keith Karchmar. Back row, left to right:  Board members Dan Levin, Ammar Rizki, Jeff Zuercher, and Zivit Blonder.

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Board of Education Update on April 25

The Board of Education meeting held on April 25 included the following relevant items:


As I begin this Board Brief, I want to thank Julie Bezanes for her outstanding support as my Administrative Assistant and as our Board Secretary. As you will see in the personnel report below, Ms. Bezanes has requested to continue her service as one of Maple’s Principal’s Office Secretaries beginning July 1. Also, please join me in welcoming back Mrs. Michele Pollina who will return to the role of my Administrative Assistant and our Board Secretary when she returns from leave on July 1.


Our last Board of Education meeting included the following relevant items:


Dr. Andy Kohl Successfully Defended His Dissertation!

Andy Kohl successfully defended his dissertation on Tuesday, April 23! The Board kicked off the meeting by celebrating his significant achievement! Congratulations, Dr. Kohl!


Celebrated Retiring and Incoming Board Members                                                                                                                          

Thank you to Talia Block, David Karnoscak, Dawn Nettelhorst and a host of Education Association Members: Sarah Arends, Amy Buzil, E.J. Choi, Caroline Drake, Cindy Habel, Rachel Hawkins, Amy Kauth, Lisa Kauth, Sharon Latek, Aimee Neumann, Kery Obradovich, Jen Schmidt, Amy Schutz, and Tia Stevens for helping us share our appreciation for Chuck Gitles who served three four-year terms with back-to-back successful two-year terms as our Board President. We also celebrated Ihab Riad and Beth Shabelman, both of whom did a great job during their four-year term on the Board.


We also officially celebrated the re-election of Nancy Artz who begins her second term, and we welcomed Zivit Blonder, Daniel Levin, and Ammar Rizki onto our high-functioning, caring Board of Education. As I listened to our retiring members reflect on their service and our incoming members discuss why they want to serve, I was inspired by how many of them recognize our talented and committed staff. They comprehend how much their families benefit from District 30’s dedicated staff, and they want to give back.


Board Reorganized

Our Board of Education elected Ursula Sedlak as our new Board President and Nancy Artz as our Board Vice-President. The Board of Education also approved our Board Protocols that guides how our Board members operate and next year's meeting dates.


The Board also appointed co-Board Secretaries. Julie Bezanes will serve as our Board Secretary until June 30, 2019. Michele Pollina will then serve in the role from July 1 through June 30, 2021. Terry Wolfe will act as the co-Board Secretary over the next two years. Thank you to all of these individuals for their service to District 30!


2019-20 Board Goals Approved

The Board of Education also approved next year’s Strategic Plan with the continuation of our two crucial Board Goals:


Goal 1: Increase District 30’s capacity to systemically collaborate within grade-level teams to execute the cycle of continuous instructional improvement.

Goal 2: Ensure District 30 facilities possess the capacity to support our evolving and emerging programs and contribute to optimal educational experiences.