Professional Development

Northbrook / Glenview School District 30 believes that professional development is essential to improving student learning and promoting high achievement across all learning levels. As the means to enhance staff skills and competencies, professional development should provide opportunities to attain pedagogical content knowledge as well as build instructional and leadership skills, thereby providing continuous learning for all staff.

Our Goals

  • Adopt research-based standards of professional development inclusive of context, process, and content to enhance student achievement  (see National Staff Development Council standards).
  • Review and monitor student needs utilizing quality assessment data.
  • Explore and implement new professional learning strategies.
  • Oversee the implementation of the District #30 Induction and Mentoring Program.

Highlights of Our Program

District 30 prides itself on a comprehensive, job-embedded professional development program for all faculty.  Opportunities for learning are offered in a variety of formats throughout the year, including monthly Half-Day School Improvement sessions.  The following are just a few of the highlights planned for the 2017-18 school year.

The all-encompassing theme for this school year is “Assessment:  Performance & Achievement”.  During our August Institute, at our first Half-Day School Improvement Day, and throughout the school year, we will continually revisit this theme, relating our daily work to the importance of using formative assessment to drive instruction and summative assessment to evaluate learning.

In the area of literacy, teachers will continue to receive support around the reading workshop model of instruction.  Areas of focus this year will be supporting students in deepening comprehension, evaluating and revising assessments, and vertically aligning the English Language Arts curriculum. Ellin Keene, nationally known author and expert in reading instruction, will continue her work with our elementary and middle school English Language Arts teachers, supporting teachers within these areas of focus. We will continue to offer elementary teachers opportunities to participate in the Lab Classroom, a job-embedded professional learning model that develops a collaborative culture and provides differentiated support to teachers.  During the Lab Classroom experience, teachers have the opportunity to observe colleagues in their own classroom setting, name best practices, offer insights, ponder questions, and grow their own instructional practice.

During the 2017-18 school year, Kery Obradovich, District 30 Math and Science Coordinator, and Kristin Goss, Math/Science coach, will work with teachers to implement new science curriculum that is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, providing job-embedded grade-level training on the new units. They will also continue their work in the area of math, supporting elementary teachers with Math MAP goal setting and math workshop practices.

Andy Kohl, Director of Educational Technology and his tech team will continue to provide professional development to all District staff.  A focus for this year will be Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship, as the technology team helps teachers to guide all learners in developing the habits of mind that encourage inquiry, foster critical thinking, and develop the skills of expression necessary to be effective communicators and active citizens in today’s world.

Throughout the year our teachers will continue to participate in professional development experiences that provide opportunities for rich discussion around content, instructional strategies, and assessment.

District 30 is committed to providing meaningful job-embedded professional development experiences.  To that end, once again, the professional development offerings at Wescott and Willowbrook will include job-embedded Lab Classroom sessions.  In response to teacher feedback, the Spring Needs Assessment Survey data, and the ELA Committee goals, the format of the Labs will look a bit different. 

Immersion Lab Schedule for 2017

Last year, Lab Classrooms provided topic based “one shot” opportunities around ELA topics of interest.  This year, District 30 will be offering “immersion labs”.

Immersion labs are labs that are conducted throughout the year with sessions in late fall, winter, and spring, allowing participants to see how a classroom/Literacy Studio evolves throughout the year.  Each daylong session consists of a pre-brief, observation, and debrief as in the past.

In addition, there will also be time for collaborative planning and follow-up between lab sessions, which is something that teachers requested. Participants will commit to attending all three sessions and will have support in-between sessions.  The topics will include integration of reading and writing, assessment, and strategies to deepen student comprehension.

The fall Labs were held as follows:

Monday, November 6—Willowbrook Primary

Tuesday, November 7—Wescott Primary

Wednesday, November 8—Willowbrook Intermediate

Thursday, November 9—Wescott Intermediate

In order to ensure the best experience for the participants, each lab group was small. For more information, contact Learning Enhancement Coordinator, Nadine Lee at 847-400-8975 or