Frequently Asked Questions about Summer School

Where is District #30 Summer School located?

The District #30 Summer School program is located at Maple School (2370 Shermer Road, Northbrook, IL).

How much does summer school cost?

The fee is $140/class for District #30 families and $155/class for Out-of-District families.

How do I register my child for summer school?

Similar to past years, we will continue to use the regonline website to register students for summer school. Students should sign up for their fall grade-level. For example, a student who is currently a 5th grader will need to sign up for classes for 6th graders such as “How to Survive 6th Grade (6)" or "Math (6-8)". Once registered, families have the capability to make changes to student’s schedules and selections up until the event closes, usually a week or two before summer school begins.

When can I register my child for summer school?

Registration for District #30 families will be made available on Monday, March 20th at noon. Registration for out-of-district families will be made available on Tuesday, April 4th at noon.

What if my child is wait listed for a class?

We do our best to have classes available to students who wish to take them. Sometimes, classes do fill up quickly. If a student is waitlisted for a class, we encourage the student to select a second choice in the same block. Changes do occur as families make other selections throughout the registration period or we see we are able to add more seats to the section. If a seat does open, the student would be dropped from the second choice and added to the first choice automatically in the order in which it was received.

Is my child allowed to take less than four classes?

Yes! We encourage students to take classes they are interested in and for as long as their schedule allows. If students choose to take less than four classes, these classes should be scheduled back-to-back.

How will I be informed of upcoming dates and events?

Families are notified of upcoming dates and events by emails through regonline. Please note, we send informative emails about once a month prior to summer school and once a week during summer school. If you are not receiving our emails, it is possible they are being sent directly to your spam folder. Please take the necessary steps to make sure you are receiving our correspondence.

What should my child bring to summer school?

All students are encouraged to bring a snack and water bottle each day. Depending on the age of the child and the classes he/she is enrolled will determine what other items to bring. Teachers are encouraged to take students outside when the weather permits, so sending students with sunscreen already applied at home is very helpful. If students are taking academic classes, they should have a notebook, pen/pencil, free-reading book, calculator, etc. If students are taking athletic classes, they should be prepared with the proper clothing and shoes. For younger students especially, it is strongly encouraged they have an extra pair of clothes in their backpack, just in case of emergencies.

My child is very young. Will there be someone to help him/her get to the next class?

The younger students are escorted by their teachers and student volunteers to make sure they arrive safely to their next class. Keeping a copy of your child’s schedule in his/her backpack is very helpful. Overall, our teachers, student volunteers, and staff members are available to help all students navigate their schedules and classes.

What is the procedure for picking-up my child after summer school?

We dismiss younger students about five minutes early to allow parents the time to park in the lot and come into the building to pick up their child. Otherwise, at the 12:25 dismissal, teachers stand outside the building with their last class to help manage and support the dismissal process. Please help our teachers by not parking in the pick-up lanes, obeying all signs, and driving slow to keep our staff and students safe. Pick up is safest in front of our building. It is unsafe to pick up students behind the building off of Sherman or ask students to cross Shermer Road without a crossing guard.

Is there transportation for summer school?

There is no bus service for summer school. However, we are partnered with the YMCA and the Northbrook Park District to provide transportation throughout the duration of our five week program. This is a free service for families who have also registered their child for either of the afternoon summer camps. The YMCA picks up students at 11:25 and 12:25 dismissal times and the Northbrook Park District picks up students at the 12:25 dismissal time. If you wish for your child to take the bus from summer school to one of these camps, please make sure you let both us and the camp know when you register. In addition, for students who walk or ride bikes to school, there are crossing guards at Willow/Greenwood Rd and Techny/Western for students’ safety at 8-8:30am and 12:30-1:00pm.   

What should I do if my child is going to be late or absent from summer school?

Attendance is taken each block, so similar to the regular school procedures, please call the office at (847)400-8931 or email if students are going to be late or absent from summer school.

Are there other questions or concerns we have not addressed?

Please feel free to email your questions, comments, or concerns and we would be happy to help.

Eleni Lamson, Summer School Principal