Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's March 19, 2020 Board Brief

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's March 19, 2020 Board Brief

Dear District 30 Family,

As I write the Board Brief, I am grateful for and inspired by our entire family as we all generate a new, temporary normal together. I am also appreciative of our Board for meeting to continue the business of the district. Please note that during this unusual time, Governor Pritzker has issued an executive order that relaxes the Open Meetings Act, which will allow our Board to hold virtual meetings as we navigate this situation. Please check our website for more information.

Our last Board Meeting included the following relevant items:

Personnel Report

Katie Greenawalt, Julie Urbanus, and Ben Clemons resigned their respective positions for the 2020-21 School Year. We wish them well.

The Board granted Jennifer Schmidt’s transfer from a Special Education Teacher at Willowbrook to be Maple’s FACs Teacher next year. The Board also granted Katie Peterson’s request to return to full-time teaching next year. Congratulations to Jennifer and Katie!

The Board also approved Andrea Manning to be Wescott’s Art Teacher next year. Congratulations to Andrea, and please join me in welcoming her to the District 30 Family.

2020-21 Staffing Plan

Currently, we project the need for 60 core sections among the three schools for the 2020-21 school year. Projections indicate that Wescott and Willowbrook will remain at 21 sections each, while Maple’s number of sections will increase by one math class in seventh grade to handle growing enrollment. District 30 class-size standards will be maintained. 

District 30’s mandatory and optional fees were approved. Click here to learn more. 

Northfield Township's Collaborative COVID-19 Response

I reflected on my respect for colleagues across the township who continue working together to remain informed and coordinate our efforts. I emphasized the good work of the Glenview/Northbrook COVID-19 Task Force that generated this week’s update and continues to maintain our website.

I also reflected on the inspiration of our District 30 Family’s unity and care. I shared my most recent blog that included examples of our community’s uplifting support and care. We continue to be fortunate to live in and raise our children in this community.

The Board also shared their gratitude for the collaborative efforts of our community leaders.

e-Learning Plan

Dr. Hirsch reviewed our e-Learning Plan that received emergency approval from the State of Illinois on Friday, March 13. She recognized the substantial actions of our instructional technology team and teachers while she highlighted our plan and evolving program.

The Board and I shared their appreciation for the leadership of Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Kohl. They shared their gratitude to our parents for their support of our e-Learning efforts as they manage their personal and professional lives in this new, temporary normal. They also shared profound gratitude for the heroic achievement of our teachers in launching this new learning vehicle that generates normalcy as they simultaneously manage their own families.

Board Reports

Mrs. Artz presented an update on NSSED’s last meeting that included member district forecast meetings and an update on their new billing model that was shared with all member districts in a virtual Townhall Meeting Thursday. The model will be finalized this year and will go into effect during the 2021-22 School Year. Mrs. Blonder reported that the most recent Character Counts meeting included an update on the township’s collaborative COVID-19 efforts, reflections from each member organization, and a call for candy and a flatbed that is needed for this year’s Character Counts float for this year’s 4th of July Parade. She also shared the committee’s appreciation for the level of student participation in this year’s Essay Contest. 

Let me know if you have any questions. We have canceled our April 7 Board Meeting. Our next Board Meeting will be on April 23. Details (including time and format) of the meeting will be shared as we get closer to the meeting date. 

Please continue to take care and stay healthy!