Maple School's Production of "Seussical, Jr." Gets Rave Reviews!

Maple School's Production of "Seussical, Jr." Gets Rave Reviews!


Over 35 Maple School students performed their show "Seussical, Jr." on November 14 and 15.

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Maple students find valuable life lessons in performances of ‘Seussical Jr.’ 

Eighth-grader Joshua Zingerman, of Glenview, performs a scene as Horton during the musical.

Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter

3:41 am CST November 18, 2019 

 Adolescence certainly comes with its challenges, but the junior high students at Maple School found that a hefty dose of well-intended mischief can thwart the self-doubt that often accompanies this time in life. 

This message was reiterated Nov. 14-15 through the school’s fall musical, “Seussical Jr.”, where the cast and crew explored some serious topics in the most fantastical way possible. 

Northbrook’s David Kang, a seventh-grade student, portrayed the iconic Cat in the Hat. Kang explained that in the midst of his character’s self-created commotion, there are morals to be found.    

“The Cat in the Hat himself is one who stirs up a lot of excitement,” Kang said. “In fact, he can even create a lot of disorder. But Dr. Seuss has a way of integrating important life lessons into the storyline, even with all the chaos. The main theme in ‘Seussical’ is about helping the characters to believe in themselves. ‘Seussical’ teaches everyone that you don’t need to change yourself for someone else.” 

Eighth-grader Joshua Zingerman, of Glenview, plays Horton, learning all too well what it’s like to have his beliefs questioned. 

“Horton has his own set of beliefs but everyone else says that he is crazy,” Zingerman said. “There are moments when even Horton starts to doubt himself, but his faith is eventually restored thanks to some of the best lines in the performance, which are  ‘a person is a person no matter how small’ and ‘ I said what I said and that’s what I meant.’ These lines can be applied to all aspects and all stages of life.”

For Alexandra McGarry, an eighth-grade student from Northbrook, the lessons embedded in the storyline have certainly helped her stand up against any naysayers. 

“I’ve heard that our choice to present Seussical seemed like a silly decision to some,” she said. “Many people thinks it’s too goofy and asked why we would want to do it. But, I believe is that it takes courage to get up on stage, particularly when we are presenting a storyline that can seem a little crazy to some.”

Glenview’s Maia Abrahams echoed McGarry’s sentiments adding, “above all, ‘Seussical’ is a really lively, happy story that reminds us not to believe in ourselves and ignore the negative.”

Just as important as the bravery that comes with being on stage is the ability to make the show run smoothly from start to finish. 

Glenview eighth-grader Aaron Haskin ensured each actor had working microphones and that the lighting and sound complimented the storyline.  

While this is not his first time handling such responsibilities, it was the first time he managed these aspects of a production at the school’s brand new Cafetorium. 

The Cafetorium is just as it sounds — a multipurpose room that can be used for everyday lunch purposes but can also be transformed into auditorium space for productions and guest lectures. The modern-day facility added some new and welcomed nuances to his role. 

“The cafetorium and the equipment that comes with it is incredible,” Haskin said. “We now have these barely visible headsets and a whole new ability to speak to the stage manager from various parts of the theater. It used to be we would literally have to run across the stage to relay a message, now we can handle any last minute changes or fix problems behind the scenes smoothly. It’s been a great experience and allows crew to really make the production seamless.”

Maple Students Perform "Seussical, Jr." To Packed Cafetorium on November 14 and 15!

Thirty-three cast members, 22 crew members, and 36 members of Renee Yoo’s Chamber Orchestra combined their amazing talents during a two-day performance of Maple School’s musical, “Seussical, Jr. “, which was based on the works of children’s author Dr. Seuss.

The musical revolves around the The Cat in the Hat (played by David Kang), who tells the story of Horton (played by Josh Zingerman), an elephant who discovers a speck of dust that contains the Whos (played by Maia Abrahams, Sophia Abrahams, and Zoe Greenfield), including Jojo (Ryan Feinstein), a Who child sent off to military school for thinking too many "thinks.” 
Horton must protect the Whos from a critical and dangerous world, while caring for an abandoned egg, left in his arms by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird (played by Jenna Horwitch). Although Horton faces many obstacles, the fearless Gertrude McFuzz (played by Alex McGarry) never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant.
Songs performed included: “Oh the Thinks You Can Think”, “Biggest Blame Fool,” “It’s Possible”, “Alone in the Universe,” “The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz”, “Amayzing Mayzie,” “Amayzing Gertrude,” “Notice Me Horton,” “How Lucky You Are,” “Egg, Nest, and Tree”, “Sold/Mayzie in Palm Beach,” “Amazing Horton,” “All for You,” and “Green Eggs and Ham.” 
The Producer was Leora Kurtz; Director was Jeri Hart, Music Director was AaronKaplan, Choreographer was Kimberly Karlin, Scenery was Darlene Orzechowski, Costume Design was Sam Yousef, Technical Director was Nancy Lifshitz, Assistant Technical Director was Joe Kempel, Microphones managed by Aaron Haskin, Sound Track by J. J Oshinowo,  Lighting by Arthur Bellows, and Stage Manager was Max Wadhwa.
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