District 30 News Briefs: Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Latest Board Brief/Annual Winter Sing-A-Long Slated for December 21

District 30 News Briefs:   Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Latest Board Brief/Annual Winter Sing-A-Long Slated for December 21

2018 Tax Levy Approved After Hearing Held

On December 13, the Board held a public hearing at the beginning of their meeting for the 2018 Tax Levy and approved it during the meeting. Districts under the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (i.e., tax cap) can raise their property tax collection by the Consumer Price Index plus new growth/construction. Annually, the Board is required to approve a tax levy before the new growth/construction in our district is known. Therefore, the levy is routinely set artificially high with a 10% increase, which is significantly higher than we expect to realize. Once new growth is known in the summer, the actual extension (what we receive) will be finalized.

 FY 2018 Financial Audit Approved

The Board officially accepted the 2018 fiscal year audit as prepared by the district's auditors, Miller, Cooper & Co., Ltd. Mr. Gitles and Mr. Zuercher praised our auditors who gave District 30 high marks for the strengthening of many business office systems.

Superintendent’s Report

IASB-IASA-IASBO Joint Annual Conference

The Board and I reflected on this valuable conference attended by our Board of Education. This year’s conference was especially strong with a keynote from Ruby Bridges. Board members attended sessions on lessons learned from Parkland and also voted on possible IASB resolutions.

Bilingual Census of Student Population Report

I updated the Board on the 35 languages spoken within the district. Twenty-seven percent of our students speak a language other than English at home. A little over one in three of these students receive English Language services. Korean remains the most represented language after English, followed by Mandarin, Philipino, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Lew Blond Donation

Dr. Carter shared a $7,500 donation from last year’s Lew Blond run that will benefit the Maple Playground effort. Thank you to everyone who plays a part in this fundraising effort.

Professor Huck Thank You

I officially thanked Mr. Jeff Huck from ARCON for sharing an engaging presentation on the design process with Maple’s 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Mr. Huck did a fantastic job, and I was inspired to see our students’ excitement as they learned about the new Maple School.

Discussion/Information Items

Wescott School Report

Dr. Brown celebrated Wescott School with our Board of Education. He shared his pride in our students and staff as he shared the school’s improvement plan, efforts related to our Board Goals, and the "#choosekind" theme for the year. He also emphasized the meaningful integration of technology that supports our child-centric values as he played videos of ukelele songs and first-grade Animal Battles. He also thanked the Board for their support on behalf of Wescott. In closing, he invited the Board to attend the next PTO Speaker Series on January 31st, and he showed a short video of Leon Logothetis who will join Wescott for a special day with students and an evening with parents. Leon’s Netflix Series, The Kindness Diaries, resonates with Wescott’s theme, and we are all excited to learn more about his adventures.

The Board and I shared our appreciation for Dr. Brown’s continuous pride in and commitment to Wescott School and District 30. 

Utilization of Virtual Reality (VR) to Support Next Generation Science Standards

The summer of 2018 had eight curriculum projects led by administrative colleagues with participants that spanned multiple departments and grade levels from our talented teaching staff.  

Dr. Hirsch reflected on the benefit of our summer curriculum project initiatives and praised the work of everyone related to the VR project. For the past three years, Virtual Reality learning experiences have been integrated within Social Studies and Science curriculum. Mrs. Obradovich, Mrs. Goss, and Mr. Kohl shared examples of how VR has been incorporated into second and fifth-grade units. The second-grade project, Diversity of Life Experience, utilized VR to place students in the polar mountains, ocean, tropical rainforest, and desert, while the fifth-grade project, Edge of the Earth, leveraged VR experiences to provide evidence that the earth is indeed round. The Board and audience enthusiastically took the second-grade tour with VR headsets donned! 

Special appreciation was shared by Dr. Brown and Dr. Carlson for the PTO support that helped strengthen the VR efforts across our district. I join our Board in echoing appreciation for all of our PTO support across District 30!

Board Reports

Mrs. Artz presented an update on NSSED’s last meeting that included a summary of efforts to hire a new business manager, negotiation of their transportation contract, IDEA funding, and their revised policy manual. Mrs. Sedlak reported that the Glenview Library would offer programming over the winter holiday break. She also shared that the Glenview and Northbrook Park Districts are working to create all-day programming in the first week of June and the month of August to assist District 30 parents during the summer of 2019. She also thanked the Kiwanis Club for their $1000 donation to Character Counts that supported the gift cards that went to poster and video contest winners.

Winter Sing-A-Long Slated for December 21

District 30 will host its annual Winter Sing-A-Long in the morning with all students and faculty at on Friday, December 21 in Maple School's west gym.

Everyone will join the band, orchestra and choirs in song, as they perform seasonal tunes. This annual activity is arranged by band director Mike Vecchio, choir director Decima Panitch, orchestra director Renee Yoo, and elementary music teachers, Wescott's Quentin Coaxum and Willowbrook's Kurt Barker.