District 30 News Briefs: Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Board of Education Update for April 11, 2019

District 30 News Briefs:  Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Board of Education Update for April 11, 2019


The Board of Education meeting held on April 11 included the following relevant items:

Student Recognitions

Mrs. Shabelman, Mr. Gitles, and Mr. Riad led recognitions congratulating to three high-performing student groups:

  • The Village of Northbrook Quiz Bowl Champions from Maple School: Skyler Elliott, Kyle Joseph, Darshan Kommanapalli, Rohan Mitra, along with coaches Mrs. Robyn Kogan and Mrs. Amy Kauth

  • The Maple Wrestling Team State Qualifiers: Max Brown, Sam Diaz, Massey Odiotti, Marcus Santos, and coach Mr. Kitt Kopach

  • The Maple Science Team Argonne National Laboratory Science Bowl and Electric Car Competition: Competition Team: Claire Mui, Darshan Kommanapalli, Kyle Joseph, Rishi Purayil, and Elan Schonfeld. Challenger Team: Ben Lee, Roger Yang, Evan Gerns, Ben Witzel, Kieran Layland, Rina Matsunaga, David Lipkind, and Evan D’Souza. Team Managers: Zoe Wang, Irene Park, David Liss, Chloe Zhu, Samantha Field, and coach Ms. Robin Dombeck

Congratulations to these outstanding students and thank you to our coaches for their time and commitment!

Social and Emotional Learning Update from Summer Curriculum

Danielle Cerami, Rita Field, Dr. Melissa Hirsch, Betty Holzkopf, Maggie Jerkovich, Dawn Nettelhorst, Caitlin Phillips, Lauren Schulman, and Blake Zweig represented the summer curriculum committee members to update our Board on their important efforts. The team:

  • Highlighted our district’s SEL mission, which links directly to the three overarching goals that are comprised of the ten Illinois State Learning Standards

  • Shared the results of the 2018 spring needs assessment

  • Reflected on this year’s progress:

    • In addition to Second Step, the elementary schools have implemented work from Ross Greene, Social Thinking/Problem Solving (SCIP), and mindfulness using the Calm Classroom structure

    • At Maple, a supplemental scope and sequence have been created, using a variety of resources to meet the current needs and trends of middle school students

Next steps for Willowbrook and Wescott, through the Time Study, will be to capture time to collaborate, support core implementation of Second Step, and to continue to expand supporting resources. Maple School will continue to gain feedback regarding the supplemental work presented this school year and then review and revise as needed.

The Board and I shared our genuine appreciation for the progress made on these important goals, which complement our strong academic program as we continue our focus on intellectual, physical, and social-emotional growth. Well done!

Presidential Award for Excellence in Education Resolution

The Board officially approved the Presidential Award for Educational Excellence Resolution that will be awarded to our deserving students during the evening of May 1, 2019.

Board Reports

The Board also briefly discussed the most recent Character Counts! and NSSED meetings.

We look forward to celebrating our outgoing Board Members Mr. Chuck Gitles, Mrs. Beth Shabelman, and Mr. Ihab Riad at our April 25 meeting. We will also welcome our incoming Board Members Mrs. Nancy Artz (second term), Mrs. Zivit Blonder, Mr. Daniel Levin, and Mr. Ammar Rizki.