Dr. Wegley's August 9, 2018 Board Brief

Dr. Wegley's August 9, 2018 Board Brief

Superintendent Dr. Brian Wegley's Board of Education Update

Tentative Budget for 2018-2019 

District 30’s Board of Education approved the 2018-2019 Tentative Budget to be put on display at the District 30 Administrative Office and on the website at www.district30.org before final approval at its September 20, 2018 meeting. The budget includes revenues to begin paying off bonds associated with the April 4, 2017 referendum that supported the construction of the new Maple School and Health/Life-Safety work across District 30. 

The budget continues to reflect a planned, controlled deficit as we expect to reduce our fund balance by approximately $372,000 during this year. 

Board Governance Review Next Steps 

The Board recapped their Board Governance Review that they completed with a member of the Illinois Association of School Boards on July 11, 2018. The consultant recognized our high-functioning Board of Education for their effective governance, strong strategic planning, and positive relationships. 

The Board's work resulted in the generation of three goals that will be added to my goals for the year: Remain conscious of including a wide segment of stakeholders to participate on district-established committees. (FP#2); Continue to define the indicators for monitoring the effectiveness of major decisions including the new food service and the Early Childhood Program. (FP#5); and thoughtfully onboard new board members to maintain the culture of the District 30 Board of Education. (FP#6)

Superintendent’s Report 

Dr. Brian Wegley's report included the following: 

  • A review of current enrollment numbers across District 30 including kindergarten registration that has risen to 116. He shared that District 30’s enrollment has increased from 1,144 in 2017-18 to the current number of 1,164 with a few days left before school begins. The staffing plan is now set as the school year begins. 
  • The opening of school report that included the first Teacher Institute Day on August 15th and the first day of school on August 20th. 
  • Publicly thanking the 12-month staff including the administrative team for all of the work they have done throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming year. 

He said that "We are ready and looking forward to a great school year!" 

Director of Educational Technology, Andrew Kohl also reviewed the new District 30 website that includes an improved calendar. 

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, Dale Falk gave an update on continued positive transition efforts by Quest, District 30’s new food service. He also highlighted the fact that bus riders will have access to an app from First Student this year that informs them of their child’s bus location in the morning and afternoons.