Guidelines for School Closures

Guidelines for School Closures


From Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Brian Wegley


Dear District 30 Family,

In preparation for another winter in Chicago, there is value in reviewing our guidelines for school closures along with a few key reminders. As we navigate the challenges of our weather, student and staff safety will remain our highest priority, and we will hold school when the learning environment will be safe and productive.


Key reminders:

  • The Northfield Township Superintendents have developed guidelines regarding closures. Northbrook/ Glenview School District 30 works collaboratively with Northfield Township Districts 27, 28, 31, 34, 225, and NSSED on school closings.  

  • Please assume that classes are in session at the usual time unless otherwise notified.

  • School closure decisions will typically be made before 6:00 a.m. the day of closure. This allows weather conditions to be monitored overnight to avoid unnecessary closures. Closure decisions will only be made the night before if conditions are known with a high degree of certainty and warrant closure.

  • Two outcomes for severe cold:

    • Wind-Chill Warning - Schools Will Be Closed: A wind-chill warning is typically issued when the wind chill will be -30°F or colder, AND the wind speed is 10 mph or higher, OR the actual temperature is -15° F or colder.

    • Wind-Chill Advisory - Schools Will Be Open: A wind-chill advisory is typically issued when the wind chill is -20 to -29°F AND wind speed is 10 mph or higher, OR the actual temperature is -5°F to -14°F.

  • In the event of a weather-related school closing or other emergency, you can expect to receive an automated phone call, e-mail, and a text. This system will be tested on Saturday, November 4, between 1:00 p.m. & 1:30 p.m. Please notify your school principal if there are changes to your contact information.


Please read more regarding Emergency Closing Information through the link. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate another Chicago winter. Whenever a decision is made to close school or alter the school day, it will be based on the general safety conditions for all students and staff.